Our 3D story

Pioneering 3D

Identification International, Inc. (i3) is driven to develop increasingly secure, reliable biometric technologies.

With three dimensional fingerprinting, we can offer our customers next-level technology to fortify personal security, verify and protect identity, and secure access.

Our 3D fingerprinting technology is the product of many years of experience in the fingerprinting industry. We’ve tried things, we’ve made changes, and we’ve created products that work. We know this industry and what works, and we use that knowledge to create products that help take fingerprinting technology to the next level.

A history of innovation

Richard Fenrich, president and CEO, founded i3 in 2004. i3 deployed the first small format livescan, which operated on our patented USB interface for power and data.

i3 continues to introduce cutting-edge technologies, advancing the frontier of fingerprinting with every innovation.

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